Hi, I'm Gabrielle.

I'm a User Experience Designer and Technical Communicator. I combine usability and design when creating experiences that bring people and technology together.

Feel free to scan my resume, browse my work or contact me for a project.

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My technical communications background includes:

  • Served in a variety roles contributing to the creation of an optimal experience for the end user
  • Over 4 years' combined professional experience in Front-end Development and Content Management Systems
  • Over 8 years' experience as a Technical Communicator in corporate and agency settings
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I spend my free time working with local businesses:

  • Planning, designing and developing websites as well as producing original web content
  • Building consistent brand images and managing online brand reputation across all social media channels
  • Creating online marketing strategies and implementing Search Engine Optimization
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Throughout the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to expand my horizons in the following academic fields:

Front End Development & Database Management

Digital & Print Visual Design

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

User Experience Design & Usability


My background has given me a solid foundation in these areas of technology enabling me to create intuitive and sleek user interfaces.

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Hand-craft stunning websites with valid, semantic and beautiful HTML5 & CSS3.

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Responsive Web Design

Design modern mobile friendly sites using Bootstrap framework.

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WordPress Development

Convert static websites to dynamic PHP websites using CMS.

Designer & Developer Gabrielle Bhagwat

Gabrielle has been managing customer-focused technology-based projects and has been creating superior end user documentation for organizations throughout the past 8 years.

Gabrielle's experience has run the gamut from marketing agencies to Fortune 500 companies and has been responsible for publications both online and in print. She has a solid track record leading high-priority projects and is particularly adept at providing quality content without ever missing a deadline. While she is interested in all facets of technical communications, user experience design and information architecture are her passions.

She has incorporated the mindset that information and technology should be created with people in mind. Her approach stems from a solid background in technology, user research and thoughtful considerations.

While working full-time for the past several years, Gabrielle managed to complete her Masters of Science in Information Architecture & Knowledge Management with a concentration in User Experience Design at Kent State University. Now that she has graduated, she is looking to transition into a position that will ideally incorporate the various components of both her education and background into a challenging UX opportunity.

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Key Traits

Analytic Thinker

Incredible Problem Solver who uses logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions and approaches. Actively seeking out simple and elegant solutions to complex technical problems is her forte.

Creative Professional

Saavy designer whose holistic approach to writing includes thinking about how the end product will be accessed, viewed and maintained as well as committed to creating useful and beautiful content.

User Advocate

Persistent and Resourceful Detective whose never truly satisfied to simply design or redesign, but rather prefers to extensively research, plan and implement the optimal experience for the users.

Tech Guru

Avid Coder whose drawn to technical knowledge, software and tools where she enjoys digging in and getting her hands dirty.

Self Starter

Exceptional Enthusiast who believes in what she is doing and let’s nothing stand in her way in order to deliver on her goals.

Solid Communicator

Exceptional writer who has the ability to describe complex and technical subjects clearly and accurately in a way that is appropriate for the target audience.


Flexible contributor whose highly adaptable to change in an ever-changing environment.

What People Are Saying About Gabrielle

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Gabrielle is a great addition to my staff. She is talented, motivated, flexible, fast learning, and eager to apply academic skills in the workplace.

— Chris, Manager at Nelson Stud Welding
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At Philips, Gabrielle came up to speed quickly with company specific processes and protocols. She proved herself proficient in the software programs required for user and service manual creation and publishing. She took the initiative to propose new ideas and develop new ways of working to increase workflow efficiency while maintaining document quality.

— Mary, Co-worker at Philips Healthcare
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Gabrielle was the best thing that has happened to me! She was just what I needed to get me started on what I wanted to do for CHC. There are a lot of people out there that do what she does, but no one does it like she does. She bridges the gap between knowledge and successful execution.

— Jeanne, Owner of CHC
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Gabrielle is a very astute professional that displays technical savoy and leadership potential. Gabrielle has proven herself in a complex engineering environment where she quickly needed to learn how to read blue prints, write engineering change notices and AUTOCAD software. She raised the bar of expectations with her primary assignment of writing method sheets for the manufacturing floor where associates quickly praised the quality and professionalism with her work. Gabrielle displays excellent interpersonal and communication abilities and has the ability to work with diverse teams through the organization to achieve results.

— Alan, Manager at Fluke Biomedical
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Though Gabrielle was hired as an intern, she performed at the level of a seasoned writer. She is fast, efficient, and learns the products and processes thoroughly. We greatly appreciate her work!

— Sigrid, Manager at Philips Healthcare
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Gabrielle is a hard-working, skilled and experienced professional with a strong knowledge of search engine optimization. Gabrielle has strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and a stellar work ethic. It is a pleasure to work with Gabrielle.

— Joe, Co-worker at Radcomm

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